Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bea Arthur Needs to Learn Portion Control

Monday was our first big test of the new pet-cam. We finally went to see Harry Potter (spoiler alert, he wins) and so we left Bea home. As we now say, it was an opportunity to succeed. And Bea did, sort of.

On the way to the movie, Sara pulled out my laptop to check on Bea. Bea was fine - just walking around a bit, playing with her treat ball, and smelling the bag of treats that we left on the file cabinet near the couch (which we wouldn't have, had we thought about it).

We were able to relax and watch the movie, knowing everything at home was copacetic. The movie was a surreal experience, since the same theater was hosting the red carpet premiere of "I Don't Know How She Does It," a movie co-starring Olivia Munn, about Olivia Munn getting roles in Hollywood. Kidding - I don't know or care what the movie is actually about.

But there were photographers everywhere, and we actually broke through the red carpet to go see our movie. We could have walked the red carpet if we wanted to. I've done it twice before, but those were events I was invited to. This one, not so much. "I'm wearing a great designer. His name is Lucky Brand."

Sara and I have a running joke about Sarah Jessica Parker being a foot - it was from a line on Family Guy that was mean, but hilarious. So we said that a whole bunch of times while waiting for the movie to start. I actually once told Sarah Jessica Parker that she looked like Sarah Jessica Parker. That's another story for another time.

After the movie, we turned the Bea cam on and were horrified. Bea was nowhere to be found, the couch looked messed up, and the treat bag was on the floor, clearly eaten. Oops.

We raced home, and the ride felt like it took hours. Bea was fine - and so was the couch (a pillow was just knocked over, and the angle made it look worse). But she did eat the entire bag of treats. That's a whole lot of chicken for one little dog. Formerly little dog.

We walked our little fatty, and made sure to not leave treats within her reach again. But I don't blame her. If someone left a whole cheesecake next to me, they would return to find an empty cheesecake box and a fat redhead.

Bea did much better today - nothing eaten or destroyed. We also changed the angle on the camera so we can see way more. Just in case she finds more chicken.

There's our little fatty, sleeping it off.


  1. Cute! I love your Bea Arthur stories. We need to get one of those cameras. Where did you get it and how does it work??

    1. Hi Cassie -

      We got this one and like it very much.

      The only downfall is that it isn't wireless. I believe the company makes a wireless one but we didn't spring for it since it was more expensive. The camera plugs into the wall and our router and then we set up the live stream site on our computer with software that came with it.