Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bea Doesn’t Know

I’m writing this on a flight from Norfolk to New York, returning home after attending a friend’s wedding. We have only been away for about 40 hours, but we’re really looking forward to seeing Bea.

Jacob, Jenna, and Bea’s girlfriend Leah have been keeping her company this weekend. We know that’s not going to be able to happen too many more times, as Jenna is about to have a baby. And let’s be honest, Bea would eat that baby. (Bea, if you’re reading this, don’t eat babies).

Bea loves playing with Leah, so she was very unsuspecting when I brought her over to Leah’s on Friday night. But then when I left, she was incredibly confused. The difference in a child’s sleep over and a dog’s sleep over is cognizance of what the hell is happening.

There was never a moment where we could explain that we’re just going to Virginia for 2 days and we’ll be back around noon on Sunday. Just a feeling of abandonment, followed 40 hours later by a feeling of overwhelming surprise.

While I’d love for Bea to know that she’s safe and we’ll be home soon, I admit, I’m very much looking forward to Bea’s “happy to see you” butt dance. It’s really become one of my favorite things.

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