Friday, April 6, 2012

Mean Girls

This morning we took Bea to the dog park to do her thing - which is what we do most mornings. Usually she has it all to herself, and the neighborhood was especially quiet due to Good Friday and Passover. But why is this morning different from all other mornings?

A dog and her owner came in to the park while Bea was already there. When they got into that little submarine airlock entrance part, Sara atypically suggested that our two dogs meet through the fence first. The owner agreed, and the other dog went absolutely nuts and tried to eat Bea through the fence. Bea, being the street tough that she is, tried the same. Thankfully the fence prevented any damage, as Bea was the size of this dog's paw.

As the other owner left, Sara explained that she'd suggested the fence meet & greet because she'd seen this dog before - and this dog doesn't like other female dogs. Sara also said that's fairly common. I thought back to high school, and I agree.

The good news is that after the incident, Bea pooped almost immediately. I don't know if it was the stress, the fact that we helped with her battle, something else, or coincidence. But a quick poop is always appreciated.

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