Monday, September 12, 2011

Bea TV - All Bea, All the Time

Gating Bea does not work. Twice now she's broken out, probably because our gate is a piece of garbage. But also because she likes the living room, and that's not where we gate her. Both times she's broken out, she didn't cause much damage - once she chewed an old ethernet cable, and once she did nothing. Which is about the same value of damage as chewing an old ethernet cable.

Saturday we needed to do some shopping for the new apartment, so we decided to leave her home ungated. It was an experiment that could cost us everything we owned, but could also produce a cheaper, easier solution than gating and day care. We'd be gone two hours, so Bea would really only have time to destroy half the stuff we owned. Just in case, I put my laptop in the bedroom and closed the door.

That was kind of stupid, since we had just hooked up a webcam to spy on Bea - and now we had no way to see it. Yup - we now have a Bea TV channel - we can check in whenever we want, provided we have internet access and a computer (the camera isn't compatible with smart phones). It would actually be pretty easy to disguise the camera in a household object and do some real spying, but for now we will just watch our dog.

This would be a very slow news day on Perez Hilton.

The shopping experience was awful - we went to Target in Brooklyn, forgetting that this was back to school weekend, and every human being who ever produced a more annoying version of themselves would be there. It was a free for all, which was made worse since it's in downtown Brooklyn. Brooklyn has the population density of a prison colony, and the people shopping at Target that day had the same education level. And then add in the aimlessly wandering hipsters - I've never seen so many people try so hard to come off like they're not trying hard.

We were tired, hungry, frustrated, and worried about Bea - it would have been great to have a computer so we could check on her. But when we got home, it turned out that she did just fine. Nothing damaged - hell, nothing touched. Sara is more of a worrier than I am, but when she's worried, I'm worried. Thankfully, this may give us the confidence to realize that every challenge Bea has is one more opportunity to succeed.

Oh, and I am NEVER going back to that Target.

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