Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving: Bea and the 8th Graders

The last few weeks have been insanely busy. With the pending opening of my new comedy club, I've barely had time to eat, let alone blog. Sara has been great, pitching in to walk Bea as much as possible. I try to go whenever I can - it's nice to be out as a family, especially before the weather drops down to New York's "I hate it here" temperatures.

Today the world slows down for Thanksgiving (at least the American world) - so I actually have time to post. I also had time to spend a half hour in the dog park with Sara and Bea. The energy there was great. The owners weren't stressed about work, there were no walkers letting 80 dogs run free, and it's 50 degrees and sunny in late November. Whatever the reason, Bea was in a fantastic mood.

There was a big dog that was incredibly playful in the park, who after several play bows, finally got Bea to chase her. It's so rare to see Bea play with a dog other than Leah, so we let it go on as long as we could.

The play finally stopped when another big dog came into the park. A beautiful white dog we've seen a number of times named Apricot (though her owner calls her "Ay-pricot) immediately took the focus of Bea's playmate. The two big dogs rolled around together and chased each other, and Bea hilariously tried to get in on the fun. Bea barked incessantly as the two ignored her completely. She ran around behind them a lot, but they didn't show any interest. To them, she is half a dog.

It was like watching a 4th grader trying to play hopscotch with the 8th grade girls. Actually, it was like watching a 4th grader trying to play hopscotch with the 8th grade girls who are smoking instead of playing hopscotch.

Even though her game ended early, it is rare for us to see displays like today, and we love it. Bea came home tired and happy, wagging so much her butt was out of control. We've now had her about 6 months - and while I know she's got to be thankful for her new life, she's still just coming out of her shell.

We wish we could bring her with us when we go to my brother's for dinner tonight - I'm sure his kids would love that. My brother's carpet, however, would not. Too bad - it'd be the perfect cap to a great day.

Maybe I will just sneak Bea some turkey.


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  2. I'm so glad to read about Bea coning into her own! i rescued my fathers dog Yasu about a year ago now. Yasu HATED children and snapped at them often and preferred to hang out with adults. Today, i watched Yasu chasing and playing with the children as if he had never feared them before. it will take a lot of patience and work, but Bea will start coming out of her shell more and more in the next 6 the time you have her one year, she will be a completely different dog!

    Tail Wiggles & Puppy Kisses

  3. Horray for Bea! Love to hear she's coming out of her shell. Could totally envision when big white dog appeared on the scene.