Saturday, August 6, 2011

Bea and Leah (Or Be-ah)

For weeks, Sara has been telling me about Bea playing with her dog friend Leah. I've seen glimpses of it. But last night was amazing.

We went over to get some ice cream at our new favorite ice cream place that is destined to make everyone in our neighborhood fat. It's downstairs from our friends Jacob and Jenna, so we went up after, and all went to the roof to let the dogs play.

And oh man did they play. Those two ran around like they were possessed. Well, Leah always runs around like that. But Bea was possessed.

At one point, Bea ran into a wall and kept going. And after a while of Bea chasing Leah, Bea actually started having Leah chase her. Bea, by the way, is FAST. If there was a doggie olympics, and Bea ever ran when we wanted her to, she would totally win a bronze. I mean, she's not THAT fast. But she's fast.

Either way, it was wonderful to see her playing like that, especially after the nonsense that happened at the dog park. Maybe we'll take the two of them to the dog park and see if Leah can introduce Bea to her friends so she's no longer the at risk youth. Or maybe I've been watching too much Friday Night Lights.

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