Saturday, August 20, 2011


It's kind of disgusting to clean up after your dog. Even with the "bag inside out around your hand" move, you can still smell it (and I always feel like the smell somehow gets through the bag on to my hand).

It's especially disgusting when your dog basically pees out of its butt. And that's what Bea's been up to lately. Yes, this blog is gross. So is living through it.

A few days ago, Bea had one of those special doggy cupcakes, and she also had a steak bone. Those were the only two deviations from her normal diet, so we're assuming the irregularity is caused by one of them. I guess it could also be due to stress or maybe Bea's sick - but whatever is causing it, the last few days have been one "oh no" after another. When she makes poop soup in the grass, we can try to grab a clump and move on. But when it's on dirt or concrete, there's nothing we can do but pray for rain.

Last night, we finally looked up cures for doggy diarrhea. First, there's many websites devoted to the subject which is both helpful and creepy. Second, if you just google "diarrhea" the third suggestion that comes up is "diarrhea for dogs," which shows we are not alone.

Some of the websites suggested Pepto Bismol, and we're happy to report it worked. Or it's coincidence - either way, Bea was fine this morning, and back to her regular poops.

Oh, and she'd been limping for the last day or so, and now she's stopped. We've had days where whatever is happening in our stomach ruins everything. But it's never made me limp before.

So yeah - no more doggie cupcakes.

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  1. Pumpkin works wonders for spray poo. It has to be pure pumpkin, though - not pumpkin filling!