Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hank Poseidon and Columbia Jones

I told you before about Bea's toy Hank Poseidon, squirrel detective. Well, now he's got an entourage.

One of the toys that came with Bea was an odd looking starman made of a similar fleece to the inside of her bed. So when we put it in her bed, it basically disappears. That quickly became named Starfish Incognito.

Yesterday, we went to breakfast with my friend Stephanie, who also went to Columbia. She reads the blog, and was sweet enough to get us two presents. They're both lions (our mascot) - one is a squeaky big headed lion puppy thing, and the other is a poop bag dispenser where the poop bags come out of the lion's butt. We named the squeaky toy "Columbia Jones" and decided he is Hank Poseidon's young ward. Together, they must fight their eternal nemesis, Starfish Incognito, who does things like try to poison the city's water supply, and make Bea's farts smell disgusting. Meanwhile, the poop bag dispenser is Columbia Jones' body double, created by Hank to keep his young ward safe.

Hey, if Bea's not going to play with her toys, at least we will.

Hank Poseidon and Columbia Jones have once again defeated their evil nemesis, Starfish Incognito - with the use of their decoy, Poops McGee.

Actually, Bea played with Columbia Jones a little yesterday. We're hoping it's a sign of things to come.

Your first assignment is to be eaten.

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  1. Bea is so gentle with her toys! Our three Dachshunds would have had those toys DEAD DEAD DEAD in about 10 seconds flat. Bea is looking just marvelous.