Wednesday, August 3, 2011

We've Become Those Kind of People

We never intended on being the kind of people who dress up their dog. But I have to admit, it's hilarious.

Bea HATES the rain. Hates it like Dorothy Zpornak hates Rose Nylund's St. Olaf stories. So we decided we'd buy her a rain coat. No big deal - a bit silly, but a way for her to walk in the rain and still be protected. We live in NYC after all - sometimes it rains for weeks at a time here.

When it was pouring, we put her in the rain coat and immediately realized how stupid it was. Hilarious to see a sweet dog's face staring up at us as if to say, "why would you do this to me?" but stupid nonetheless.

"Maybe the shelter wasn't so bad..."

We tried to walk her in it, and it didn't work very well. She was falling all over the place, and it barely even kept her dry. At one point, she accidentally put her foot through the neck hole and tumbled to the ground. Meanwhile the design was ridiculous, as the leg straps couldn't be put on without making her walk like she just rode a bull for the first time.

It is the last we will ever dress her up, unless there's some sort of great reason like Halloween or a sexy dog firemen calendar shoot. But at least we have pictures.

This is one step away from a doggie snuggie.

We're sorry Bea. We still love you. Hopefully, you still love us, too.

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  1. I don't know how cold winters get in NYC, but it gets cold here. Like -40 cold. So with one of our fosters we had to get him a winter coat. He didn't have very thick hair so any time spent outside without the coat was miserable for him.