Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Braves and the Brave

It is not common that I spend time with my family. So when my brother, dad, sister, and sister's almost fiance all agreed to go to the same Mets game, Sara and I weren't going to say no. Especially since it was against the Braves. I hate the Braves. Sara doesn't really care, but she loves me, so she hates the Braves.

I have been a Mets fan since I was 4. Maybe it's the same reason I adopted a 6-year-old Puerto Rican stray dog. They're both a long shot that most people gave up on. Also, Bea and the Mets are both predominantly latino, but that's just a coincidence.

Sara, on the other hand is trying to be a Mets fan. So when she comes with me to a game, she's going to be bored. When she comes with me to a game and it's the first time we leave Bea alone at home, she'll be bored and incredibly worried.

We're coming back, we promise!

We made it to the second inning before Sara started getting antsy. By the fourth inning, it was tough for her to sit still at all. By the fifth, it was time to go.

I was less worried both because I'm more laid back and because I've never had a dog before. Sara's foster had some major separation anxiety, so Sara was worried about every worst case scenario. What if Bea scratched up the cabinets? What if Bea tore her snuggie up and ate it? What if Bea assassinated the governor?

I could tell she wasn't enjoying the game, and there was no reason to hold her hostage. I offered to leave with her, but she told me to stay, and she just needed to make sure everything was alright at home. Hey, it was the first time we left our little girl alone, we wanted to make sure she wasn't crying.

When Sara got home, Bea jumped and danced and showed more personality than she had in the previous two days combined. Sara did her best to ignore the spectacle so the separation anxiety wouldn't get worse, but was relieved everything was okay. The cabinets were fine, the Snuggie was in one piece, and governor was still alive.

Oh, and the Mets won.

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