Sunday, June 12, 2011

Curb Your Dog Owner

Before I had a dog, I got annoyed at people who didn't clean up after theirs. Now that I have one, I'm even more annoyed.

When there's dog crap everywhere, laws about where you can and can't bring dogs get more and more strict. There is a beautiful park half a block from my door, and I can't bring my dog there because of previous assholes who didn't bother to clean up after theirs. It's the same reason why we can't use a restaurant bathroom unless we're a customer, we can't take unwrapped Halloween candy, and we get fondled at the airport - a few selfish assholes ruining it for the rest of us.

It is amazing to think that New York's pooper-scooper law has only been in effect for 32 years. I am 31, so I can't even picture a city covered in feces like the way it used to be. Though I have been to Detroit.

I'm surprised there's no dog poop scene in "The Warriors."

When I see un-picked-up poop, I have the same feeling I get when I see a redhead guy being awkward or a Jewish guy being nebbish. Stop ruining it for the rest of us - people are going to think we all act like this.

The amazing part is that even dogs try to clean up after themselves. When Bea is done pooping, she briefly tries to bury it before we clean it up, dirt clump and all. I am amazed that my dog is a more conscientious dog owner than some of my neighbors.

All I can do is hope that people read this and become a little more responsible. But if I ever see anyone walking away from a pile of poop, I'm going to rub the owner's nose in it.

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