Thursday, June 2, 2011

Doggie, Here I Come

We got approved! I don't think we were ever doubting, but even for something that seems like a sure thing, I still get worried. When I got an AIDS test, I was convinced I had AIDS until I got the results - despite having no logical reason to believe I had AIDS. When cops drive by me, I worry that they're going to arrest me even though I've done nothing wrong. Maybe they'll arrest me for falsifying an AIDS test. Anyway, you get the idea - I was worried we wouldn't get approved.

The process was pretty simple - two women from Stray From the Heart came over and asked us if we liked dogs. We said yes, they gave us the papers. There was a bit more to it than that, but it was mostly them trying to think of extra questions and us trying to think of extra reasons why a dog would be happy here, since it was obvious within the first two minutes that it was a good fit. You never want to hire someone the first two minutes of a job interview, so you make up more questions.

"So, um, tell me what you think of, um, stuff."

Quick aside - the women from the rescue were young and attractive, which made me wonder how safe that job is. Sara and I are normal "I won't tie you up and kidnap you" type people, but I can't imagine everyone is. Any job that involves going into a stranger's home is dangerous for a young woman. Hell, look what chambermaids go through. Danger of traveling to unfamiliar situations is one of the reasons there aren't many female comedians. I have been to at least 50 gigs where I thought I'D get raped and killed, I can't imagine how dangerous it must be for a young woman on the road. And that doesn't include the gas stations I stopped at on the way to the gigs.

So we didn't kidnap the women, cause like I said, that's not our thing. Instead, we paid them the $250 adoption fee and signed a contract that said we promise to never ever give away this dog. So basically we signed a contract that the $250 is just the first in a VERY long line of expenses. The expenses aren't what's nerve-racking - It hit us us that we we're adopting a living thing, and no matter what goes wrong, it's our responsibility. My car cost a hundred times what the dog cost, but it didn't seem final because I am allowed to sell my car. And this dog is going to destroy my car.

All that said, I am beyond excited. I am excited to have a dog that will love me and keep me company. I am excited that Sara and I get to have a family without the annoyance of children. (That's another blog for another time). And I am excited to have matured enough that I'm no longer afraid of dogs, and I'm actively looking forward to having one. Sure, she's a small dog, but baby steps. Not actual baby steps, I just covered that.

One strange thing - Sara is oddly nervous. She's always been the one pushing for a dog, and she often talks fondly about the dog she fostered. She is the one that taught our Tivo to default on Animal Planet, and she is the one who wakes up early on Saturdays to help walk shelter dogs that have little to no chance to ever find a home. Yet I'm the one who desperately wants to get the dog tonight, and she is the one who wants to wait until tomorrow.

It does make sense to wait until tomorrow, as I have a show at 9PM tonight and we won't have enough time to pick up Bea and go to the pet store. But I do feel like our dog is sleeping in someone else's house tonight, even if she doesn't know it yet.

Wow. Tonight is my last night of not being a dog person. Tomorrow, I become a father - but without all the crap that comes with having a kid. (Another blog for another time, I promise).

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