Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Dog Walker That Doesn't Make Me Feel Stupid

Since we're no longer comfortable taking Bea to the dog park, Sara and I are getting nervous about socializing Bea. She is amazing with all people, but she can testy with other dogs. The idea of her making us more social goes away every time she snarls at a dog sniffing her face. Of course, those silly bitches should know better.

Bea is good at walking by other dogs and not paying attention. She's also good at the normal butt-in-face greeting. But when another dog goes nose-to-nose, it's go time. We need to teach her to either greet or walk away, and we need help. Since "our dog has no patience for silly bitches" doesn't exactly make it on to the Dog Whisperer, we have to go locally.

Tuesday, we met Don Spanton, a neighborhood dog walker who is super committed to what he does. Two years ago, he quit his job as a programmer to follow in the footsteps of those who follow footsteps. He is patient, knowledgeable, and really seemed to care about each and every dog he walks. Sara and I were immediately in, especially when Don volunteered to take Bea out today to see if she could walk in a pack. Thanks to Don, turns out she can - in a small pack, for now. Maybe a pack of 4 women, who wear matching pants suits and eat cheesecake late at night.

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