Saturday, June 4, 2011

Maybe We Should Have Named Her Kato Kaelin

When we adopted Bea, we were told she would be chasing squirrels. While we haven't seen a squirrel (aside from her squirrel toy, which she ignores), we doubt Bea can chase anything.

We took her to the dog park for the first time today, and she was a big ol lump. I wonder why she's so tired? Maybe it's because she didn't sleep all night. I must have kept her up with all of my pacing.

She'll run a little while on the leash, but she prefers to just chill out and relax. She does the same on our couch, but at least the dog park is sunny. On Golden Girls, Bea Arthur always sat home on a Saturday night. Maybe Bea is just getting into character.

This is the most active Bea has been.

At least WE were social at the dog park. Sara and I met a few other neighborhood dogs and owners, which is the first time we've spoken to any neighbors in the 9 months we've lived here.

Sara tells me that when I call Bea, I am not high-pitched enough, and that dogs respond better to high-pitched voices. I'm already trying not to become someone who talks to their dog like they're a person. Instead, Sara wants me to become someone who talks to their dog like they're a baby.

We tried to get her a bath so she smells a bit less like dog, but all the groomers are closed on Saturdays. No, we're not giving her a bath ourselves. It's bad enough that our couch and my car are covered in dog hair - we don't need the bathroom covered in soapy dog hair. The reason I work hard is so I have the money to pay someone else $50 to deal with a wet dog. I already love Bea, but not enough to put up with THAT.

Oh, and she still hasn't pooped. Seriously, this is getting a bit ridiculous. Especially since we'll get very excited when she does poop. I'll make sure to congratulate her on her poop in a high-pitched voice.

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