Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Peeing Isn’t Easy

I spent yesterday in Milan, so it’d be hard for me to find something to complain about. But I am a complainer, so I found something.

The airport bathrooms in Milan seem constantly closed for cleaning, and never clean. I was sitting across from one of the bathrooms, and watched it close five separate times in two hours. And the times I used it all the seats were wet and the floors were disgusting. Maybe no one is actually cleaning, and the bathroom is where the janitor takes naps.

It did make me think of Bea and how she must feel as she’s about to pee somewhere and another dog distracts her or a smell prevents it from being just right. Bea is a much finicky pee-er than I am – which is strange to say about a dog who has peed in the middle of a sidewalk, a street, and Petco.

Bea pees in strange places, but they are clearly just right for her. Unlike most dogs, she doesn’t pee right away each morning – she waits, finds her spot, and decides it’s okay. It’s the equivalent of taking a road trip with a rich kid. While the rest of the car would be fine using a gas station bathroom, the rich kid makes everyone else wait for a hotel or a restaurant. And Waffle House doesn’t count.

I wonder if Waffle House could exist in Italy. Its bathrooms are almost as gross as the ones at Milan’s airport.


  1. It's possible that the airport in Milan contracts Waffle House's "cleaning" staff to keep their rest rooms spotted - I mean - spotless. You never know.

    Bea sounds a lot like my Lucy. Search for the perfect spot, then make it your own. Not that THAT spot will be perfect again tomorrow. Tomorrow is another day and the quest begins all over again.

  2. Your story is posted on my blog today. Cheers!

  3. Pibble, you're exactly right. The toughest thing is finding a spot she likes more than once. Especially since I am a creature of habit.