Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Poop Heard Round The World

We took Bea in to the city again today, since I had two shows near each other. It was a gorgeous night, and we thought it'd be nice to walk around with her between shows. Besides, she's the dog that never poops, so we knew that wouldn't be a problem.

Bea's still stressed in the car, but it's not as bad as yesterday. We open the windows slightly now and she likes looking out as we drive (and drooling all over them). We did have a slight incident where the window lock wasn't on and she stepped on the control, opening the window all the way. I quickly put it back up and learned my lesson - always keep the window lock on. Later on I learned another lesson - remember to put the windows back up after you park. Luckily the car wasn't broken into. Though we could have caught the burglar easily by finding a man covered in dog hair.

You have to stretch before your big day of doing nothing.

Who wouldn't love this dog?

Looks like Bea is getting in the mood for a kiss.

And she plants one.

It drizzled for a few minutes and Bea was fine with it. She's also comfortable on concrete, which makes me concerned about the life she led in the shelter. Getting rained on in a concrete floor kennel isn't the life I'd recommend for any dog, and it saddens me to know that's probably how my dog lived. No wonder she loves our couch so much.

After the shows, Sara was freaking out because Bea had gobbled up a piece of a cooked chicken bone she found on the street. I was relieved that the first dangerous thing that happened to our dog was not my fault, since I was sure it would have been. Though I was the one who forgot to put the window lock on. So, nevermind.

I was also glad that Sara knows enough about dogs that when they swallow a cooked bone, you feed them white bread to cushion the bone in their stomach. Once they poop out the bone, they'll be fine. You know, if they ever poop.

Actually, that happened about 20 minutes later. Not the chicken bone. That should come out next time she poops. Which, on this pace, will be in a month. I have never been so excited to watch an animal shitting. I am also terrified to think there are probably websites dedicated to that.

When we got home, we covered the floor of the bedroom with sheets and Snuggies to eliminate Bea clopping around like last night. Yes, we have Snuggies. They were gag gifts from my brother. Or maybe he just assumed we were going to eventually be fat and lazy enough to need them. By the way, Snuggies are super soft to walk on. There is a big market for fleece carpet. I'd invent it, but I'm too lazy. Uh oh - the Snuggies have taken hold of me already.

I just hope Bea sleeps tonight. Because Sara and I sure as hell need to.

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