Sunday, June 19, 2011

Crate Training Is the Best Idea Ever

In just under 48 hours, Bea has actually become a dog. This crate training stuff is amazing.

Ever since we started crate training, Bea has been much more obedient. Probably because when we say "sit," "down," or "come," it's the only time we pay attention to her. She is now actively trying to please her strict parents. Maybe we should ask her to take up the violin.

Tonight we went to a rooftop BBQ at Jacob and Jenna's, our friends from the dog park. Their dog Leah is VERY excitable, which doesn't always mesh with Bea's laid back "I'm-half-dead" energy. So when Leah started barking and running circles around Bea, Bea growled and showed her teeth. We thought we were in for a fight, but instead, they just chased each other around for a while. Bea was actually acting like a dog.

The most amazing part was after the BBQ when we went to their apartment and Bea went right for Leah's crate. Sure, she was the drunk girl wandering into someone else's house and passing out on the couch - but it was a big step.

The BBQ was a lot of fun - it's great to make new friends, and it's even better to not have to worry about Bea. Sara and I have been really overprotective parents. But now that we've given Bea a little discipline, she can make new friends, too. It's the same reason people give their kids chores. A little structure can be a wonderful thing.

On the way home, Bea seemed happy and playful, and just more dog-like than she's been in the last two weeks. And amazingly, Sara and I are becoming human at the same time.