Sunday, June 5, 2011

Won't You Bea My Neighbor?

Bea slept through the night, and so did we. She's also regularly pooping and peeing, or as we've been told to call it "eliminating." I feel odd saying that - makes me feel like my dog is a secret agent.

So in 2 days, she's sleeping through the night and can take the elevator without freaking out. That's a quicker adjustment than most rural people when they move to New York for the first time.

NYC is just like Puerto Rico, but with more Puerto Ricans.

We spent the afternoon in the dog park again today. Bea is making us strangely social. We met a few neighbors, including Jacob, a dog owner from two blocks away. He and his wife have a similar background to Sara and I, and his brother is a fledgling standup comic. We're actually going to try to grab dinner with them some time. That is unprecedented for us - we have our friends, but we're pretty much an island as a couple.

If you've moved to a new neighborhood with a dog, I recommend spending some time sitting around in a dog park. It's amazing how quickly you'll meet your neighbors.

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